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This young Reds fan got a chance to meet Dee Gordon ... and kicked him as a joke

Beyond clapping, cheering and meme-making, fans don't have much of a chance to impact the game. (Unless you believe in no-hitter jinxes, that is.)
Not so for this young Reds fan. When five-year-old Leo Schneider from Northern Kentucky got a chance to meet Dee Gordon before Sunday's Marlins-Reds game, he took this opportunity to make an impact into his own hands -- or should I say feet: 

Turns out: The fix was in. "It was all planned," Leo's Mom, Amy Danzo-Schneider, told in a phone call "He's not the type of kid who would go up and kick someone. Dee Gordon was motioning Leo to come to him. The umpire went with Leo, and Leo said the umpire told him to kick [Gordon]." 
As for how the family reacted afterward: "We just laughed. Because we knew Leo would never do something like that on his own." Amy then added that, although Leo's favorite player is Billy Hamilton, he "loves baseball. He loves every single player. He was just thrilled to be there in the first place." 
Even Dee was in on the joke: 

Fortunately for the Marlins, the attempt to slow Gordon down didn't affect his wheels. Gordon stole his 35th base of season after singling in his first at-bat. The Reds had the last laugh, though, winning the game, 6-3.