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A Reds fan and Jose Ramirez went after a foul ball, and the Reds fan came out victorious

During Wednesday's Indians-Reds game in Cincinnati, Preston Tucker sliced a foul popup toward the seats down the left-field line. Potential AL MVP and defensive stalwart Jose Ramirez raced over to try to make the play. He quickly checked where the stands were and then made a dive into the crowd. The only problem? A young Reds fan was already there and ready to catch it:

Once the ball crosses into the stands, it is the fan's right to catch it. It's fan territory. Ramirez seemed to realize that, even though it looked like both of them had a quick moment of "wait, is that allowed?" Or maybe Jose was just in awe of the kid's snowcone catch. Either way, the fan will remember this short staredown with one of baseball's best for the rest of his life: