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Steve Pearce let a ball drop ... when he was called off by an Orioles fan in the stands

Baseball is a difficult game to play. And when you're running at full speed backwards on a fly ball -- like Red Sox first baseman Steve Pearce was during Wednesday's Red Sox-Orioles game -- you don't have a lot of time to figure out what teammates might be around you also trying to catch said ball. You have to rely on communication. You have to rely on your ears.
Pearce did just that, except his ears were listening to an O's fan instead of Mookie Betts.

You can hear the quick "Mine!" in the video. Tough way to treat a former Orioles legend
Luckily for Pearce, the game ended up being postponed in the second inning and this play doesn't actually exist anymore. Luckily for us, the GIF still does.