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Relive 11 of the most unique and entertaining home run celebrations of 2017

When it comes to the perfect home run, there are many elements that go into making it superb. The swing, the dinger itself and, of course, the celebration that follows once the ball is over the fence.
While there are many ways to celebrate such an impressive feat, there are a few that stood out this season. Here are some of our favorites.
Joc Pederson's home run trot in Game 6
Hopefully, by now, you have feeling back in your face following an exciting World Series. We laughed, we cried and we celebrated home runs. One that made this Series something that will forever be burned into our memories was Joc Pederson's solo shot.
In the seventh inning of Game 6, Pederson jacked an opposite-field homer to add some insurance runs for the Dodgers. It helped bring about a victory for L.A., but how he celebrated was a highlight itself:

Throughout the series, Joc remained electric and pumped cheering on his teammates. It was nice to see him celebrate his own victory.
Ladies and Gentlemen, The Toenight Show
The Yankees team this past season was impressive on the field, that goes without saying. But beyond those baseball-playing abilities and carrying their team to the postseason, they put on quite the show in the dugout.
Introducing "The Toenight Show." The all-new program coming to you live, presented by the Yankees, with Ronald Torreyes behind the lens and Didi Gregorius asking the hard-hitting questions.

The "interviews" were conducted following home runs and, while we are still unsure the questions that were asked, it doesn't really matter.
The Cubs did something similar, and it's very much appreciated.
Cubs bullpen dancing
Speaking of the Cubs, the team always puts on a performance out of the bullpen. And no, we aren't talking about a pitching change, but more of a dance performance.
For example, when Kyle Schwarber smacked a homer in Game 3 of the National League Championship Series, well, this happened:

Did you know the Cubs had all these moves? Now you do, and you're welcome.
Hey Hoskins, can I have your autograph?
When Rhys Hoskins steps up to the plate, one thing you're guaranteed to witness is his power. Sometimes, (or 18 times this past season), that power will take the form of a home run. When that does happen, the crowd goes wild. And while Hoskins certainly developed a fan base of his own, it was his teammate asking for his autograph that helped solidify the beauty of his aura.

Yes, that's Cam Perkins holding a pen and asking Hoskins to sign a ball.
We don't blame him.
Carlos Correa fist-pump
If you have children, we hope one day you'll be able to tell them about Game 5 of the 2017 World Series. If not, find anyone, and tell them about this game that will go down in the baseball history books.
Among the back and forth of the extra-inning, dinger-happy affair, there was one home run that stood out for the Astros because of its pure emotion.
It was the bottom of the seventh inning with no outs and a 1-0 count, when Correa connected for a two-run shot to give his team a three-run lead. His reaction was priceless:

And you know what happened to the Astros in the end …
José Abreu and a little bit of everything
This home run may have just been a solo shot, but it was like something out of a movie.
The home run, of course, was great. The 3-1 pitch to Jose Abreu was launched into deep left field. This was followed by some fireworks, and the fan who grabbed the ball got into the spirit and did a little dance. She wasn't the only one celebrating however. Once Abreu made it into the dugout, he and teammate Yolmer Sánchez celebrated … rather intensely.

That sequence checked off all the boxes needed to make the perfect homer.
Cleveland Cavaliers lend some support
When it comes to support on the field, baseball's sportsmanship is second to none. When another sport wants to have your back in those times of need, that's something extra special.
During Game 2 of the American League Division Series, Jay Bruce hit a game-tying home run and the Cleveland Cavaliers showed the moment during a preseason matchup against the Pacers at Quicken Loans Arena.
Yep, right in the middle of everything, the game was shown as Bruce made contact, and the fans couldn't contain themselves:

Bryce Harper's hair flip heard 'round the world
Bryce Harper is a man of many talents: We know he can hit and field the ball with power and finesse, he has a style of his own and that hair -- oh that hair.
While he's been known to pull it off on multiple occasions, his hair flip following a game-tying home run earns him a spot on this list.
During Game 2 of the National League Division Series, Harper launched a two-run bomb into the right-field upper deck against the Cubs. While this was impressive and very Harper-like, so was this:

And this:

Kevin Millar is back
Kevin Millar is no stranger to the game of baseball. Having played 12 years of big league ball himself and being a host on MLB Network's Intentional Talk, he knows a thing or two about the game. And when it comes to home runs, there are 170 over his career that he can call his own.
Before his professional career took off, he spent some time with the independent league St. Paul Saints and assisted the franchise in winning its first championship in 1993. Fast forward 25 years to this past season ... Millar participated in an anniversary game and sent a ball to deep left field to put the Saints on the board.

At the age of 45, Millar hit his first home run in seven years and celebrated with the young team as he crossed the plate.

Got 'heeeem.
All of the Puig
Of course, no home run list could be complete without Yasiel Puig. And while there are many ways he celebrates, each one of them is unique.
His tongue -- er, "usage" has been one of many ways he's celebrated home runs:

He's also very affectionate toward his hitting coach Turner Ward after a home run:

But most importantly (and how could we forget) the proverbial bat flip:

He doesn't leave home without it.
Joey Votto's heartfelt homer
Here's a home run of the heart.
Before Reds' All-Star first baseman Joey Votto stepped to the plate against the Mets on a Thursday afternoon in August, he pointed to a fan in the front row. This fan's name was Walter, or, Superbubz, as he was also called. Walter had a rare disease known as neuroblastoma. 
Following a homer on a 1-0 pitch, Votto gave a special high-five to Walter and gifted him his jersey and bat.

After the parents of Walter let Votto know how much this meant to the young boy, Votto told's John Fay "That's all that matters."
A top moment for sure.