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Relive all of the madness of the T-Mobile Home Run Derby with the Cut4 Talkshow

The best sluggers in baseball, the buzzer-beating homers, the touching father-son moments -- who wouldn't want to be in the ballpark for the T-Mobile Home Run Derby? 

But only a lucky 42,000-plus could get in to Petco Park Monday night to see Giancarlo Stanton obliterate 61 (!) dingers, meaning the rest of our homer-happy nation was resigned to experience the madness on TV ... until now. The Cut4 Talkshow made its All-Star debut on Monday night -- featuring a live text chat of up to-the-minute, behind-the-scenes dispatches from our correspondents in San Diego, along with photos of fans in American flag jumpsuits and #teamtot vs. #teamfry debates. Think of it as the Best Live-Blog in Baseball, only with 100 percent more dingers. Check it all out below: