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Rhys Hoskins loves watching Mookie Betts and J.D. Martinez in the World Series

It can be stressful to watch baseball if you're an MLB player. After all, when you get home from work -- no matter how cool that job is -- do you want to watch more of it? That's one positive Phillies outfielder Rhys Hoskins has taken from this year's postseason, which the Phillies narrowly missed. 

"It's a unique opportunity just to be a fan," Hoskins told "A lot of time when you're watching games during the season, you watch it as if you were playing the opposite team. So, just being a fan of some of the best players in the game -- we get some of the most exciting players on the diamond in these two teams." 

He admitted that it's hard to "turn that completely off," as Hoskins said he would compare watching David Price work against the Dodgers to some of his own at-bats against the Red Sox lefty.

Still, he's paying special attention to two Red Sox hitters this time around. 

"Mookie [Betts] does stuff on the field and all facets of the game that are electrifying," Hoskins said. "He's such a good athlete, and you couple that with a strong baseball mind. It's just fun to watch. To be completely honest, I'm just envious of the guy.

"And then J.D. Martinez. There's a lot to learn from him. Just the way he goes about hi business and the way he was able to absolutely change his life and career. He was deep into his career with his back to the wall. It's cool to see the success that he's having." 

There's a reason Hoskins is a big baseball fan: The first World Series he remembered was the classic 2002 Angels-Giants series that went seven games. "I grew up in Northern California, so I grew up a Giants fan," he said. "The '02 World Series, where Tim Salmon said, 'That was the furthest ball I've ever seen hit' when Bonds hit that ball off [Troy] Percival. That was probably the first one I remember. Obviously, tough as a fan to then see [the Giants] lose it, but obviously a pretty good first World Series." 

One other thing that Hoskins can reveal: the exciting home run celebrations that the Dodgers have been using? Those aren't spur-of-the-moment decisions. That's talked about "in batting practice a lot, sometimes before the game when you're warming up down the line. That will be a topic of conversation. Sometimes, something will happen and you'll say, 'That was cool. We should probably do that again.'"

While Hoskins is spending this week enjoying the World Series as a fan, he'll be spending his offseason binge watching shows like "Banshee," "Suits" and the current hit among baseball players, "Friends." Who's his favorite character and what are a few more things you should know about the slugger? Watch the video below: