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Another Red Sox home run, another fantastic bullpen hat catch from Robbie Ross Jr.

To know Robbie Ross Jr. is to know two things: 1) He's a solid left-handed reliever out of the Red Sox bullpen, and 2) he's made a habit out of catching home runs in his hat. First, there was his tale of dinger redemption last season. Then, in celebration of our nation's birthday, he made perhaps the catch of the year:

But after his snag during Friday's Red Sox-Yankees game, it's clear that even the most ardent Ross fans underestimated his hat-catching skills. This isn't just a hobby to pass the time -- he wants to be the very best, like no one ever was. To catch home run balls is his real test, to catch them in his hat is his cause:

And if you're wondering, yes, he's absolutely keeping count. ""Four and a half," he told's Ian Browne. "The half is when Brock hit the top of the fence and I caught it off of it."
But this wasn't just any bullpen hat catch -- it won Ross a bet: ""We were going for over-under four and I said I wanted to get over."
All right, Robbie, we get it. You can use your hat as a glove. Now for your next test: bullpen blindfold.