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Roberto Osuna started his save celebration just a liiiittle too early

Just as every pitch -- especially in a close and late situation -- requires the perfect timing of mechanics, adrenaline and strength, the same is true of the closer's celebration. All must go right at that moment that the final out is recorded. Roberto Osuna, Toronto's closer, made a mistake as he was one strike away from finishing off the Blue Jays' 3-2 victory over the Rays on Monday night.
After Russell Martin looked to have grabbed a game-ending foul tip from Steven Souza Jr., Osuna went into his routine. One problem: Martin wasn't able to hang on. 

Think of all the times in your life you thought you were cool and you were anything but. Like, oh, getting your license and immediately backing into a parked car as your family watches. Or trying to impress someone you want to ask out and falling down and spilling a tray of drinks on yourself. 
Fortunately for the Jays, Osuna wouldn't have to pay for the mistake. It's something that Martin was worried about. "I was thinking, 'I hope it's not one of those situations where you think the game is over and the next thing you know the guy hits a two-run homer to take the lead.' That's what's going on in the back of my mind, I'm glad it didn't happen."
Sure enough, two pitches later, Souza hammered the ball to deep center, but it just hung up enough for Kevin Pillar to make the grab. It was hit hard enough that Martin thought, "'Oh [shoot], here we go again.' But he must have knuckled it or something because it just didn't carry. It didn't spin like I thought it would. Kevin got a great beat on it and that was it."
Osuna thought it was a homer, too. "To be honest, yeah, I thought it was gone," the closer said. "When I saw Pillar running back, back, back I was like, 'Oh no.' But he got it and we won, that's it."
Of course, Osuna also wanted to make sure there were no hurt feelings. "I didn't see when Russell dropped the ball. I didn't want to do anything to make (Souza) feel offended or make him feel bad. I apologized for that because I didn't see it."