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Alexi Amarista tested the Cubs' defense, and ended up with a mouth full of dirt

In an offensive environment like Coors Field, no lead is truly secure. So, despite a 10-3 lead in the bottom of the seventh inning, Rockies pinch-hitter Alexi Amarista was willing to take a risk to extend the lead.
Unfortunately, that risk involved testing the defensive abilities of Albert Almora Jr. and Javier Baez. Maybe realizing that his decision to try to stretch a double into a triple against such defensive stalwarts was going poorly, Amarista mistimed his slide by a little bit.

While his helmet didn't protect him from being thrown out or ingesting inadvisable quantities of dirt, Amarista proved that it wasn't entirely without utility. Luckily for him, his team's seven-run lead was able to withstand the altitude of Denver as the Rockies defeated the Cubs, 10-4, in the opener of the day-night doubleheader lending a slighlty sweeter aftertaste to that dirt.