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Rockies broadcaster Ryan Spilborghs heckled Hunter Pence from the Coors Field scoreboard

Heckling the opposition has been around as standard practice since baseball began. Go to any local youth baseball field, and you'll hear chants of "We want a pitcher, not a belly-itcher" and "Swing batter, batter."
During Monday's game between the Giants and the Rockies, Rockies broadcaster Ryan Spilborghs hung out in the right-field scoreboard at Coors Field to heckle Giants outfielder Hunter Pence. He not only demeaned Pence's alma mater, University of Texas at Arlington, but also suggested the outfielder eats his pizza with a fork.

Whether because of Spilborghs' efforts or not, the Rockies beat the Giants, 4-3, and Pence went 0-for-4. Given those potential results of his efforts, it will be interesting to see if the broadcaster continues his efforts to throw Pence off his game.