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After two more dingers, the time has come to rank the Internet's best Trevor Story puns

A general rule of the Internet: If someone's last name is a noun, there will be puns. Lots of them. Which brings us to Trevor Story: The Rockies rookie burst onto the scene with two homers on Opening Day ... and another the next day ... and another the day after that. And then, in his home debut on Friday against the Padres, he hit two more -- making him the first player in baseball history to hit six dingers in the first four games of a season. 
Naturally, the puns started coming, and they haven't stopped. We are as guilty as any; the sickness runs deep. And yet, try as we might to purge ourselves of shameless wordplay, we're compelled by that other general rule of the Internet: If something goes on for long enough, eventually, it must be ranked. And so, in the name of the public good, we present a definitive ranking of the very best Trevor Story puns of April 2016.
10. The Clash pun
A shameless plug for our own D-grade joke? Perhaps. But, after all, this isn't ... just another story:

9. The #content pun

8. The crime procedural pun

7. The superlative pun

6. The factual pun

5. The British Invasion pun

4. The self-referential pun

3. The boy band pun

... actually, this entire pun thread

2. The fairy tale pun

1.5 The fairy-tale pun, part 2

And, finally ...
1. The shockingly deep Beastie Boys cut pun