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Trevor Story hit ANOTHER home run, so it's time to start planning for his future movie

Hitting a home run in your Major League debut is a narrative-rich moment ready for a schmaltzy Hollywood take. You know, like the end of "The Natural." Hitting two in your big league debut seems more like an editing error, someone accidentally slipping in an outtake that wasn't supposed to be left in the final film. 
Only thing is: Trevor Story did that against the Diamondbacks, on Opening Day no less. Against Zack Greinke, the pitcher with a 1.66 ERA last year. 

When Story hit another in his second big league game, you could hear the sound of studio executives firing up emails with subjects like: Re: WHAT'S THE STORY ON STORY?! (GET IT?) YOU HEARING ABOUT THIS GUY?
What if the young Rockies shortstop, merely the 11th-best prospect in Colorado's system coming into the season, hit a home run in his third consecutive game to start the season?
Oh wait, he did that on Wednesday against the D-backs:

We can only imagine the movie studio conversations going on at this very moment. 
Studio Exec: Derek, get in here! 
Derek: Yes, sir?
Exec: I want a script. The greatest script. I want it on this baseball player. You know, the guy who's a real-life neverending Story. Get it?
Derek: I gues--
Exec: Kid only hit home runs, like the Matt Christopher book! Can you believe that?!
Derek: You know, it's only his third game, mayb--
Exec: I can see it now. The Trevor Story Story. The Trevor-Ending Story. (Do we have the rights to that?) Or Trevor Storybook Season, the tale of how one man hit so many home runs that the aliens couldn't make it to Earth. Yeah, that's it! Start printing the cash now! 
Derek: Um, that doesn't sound like it's about baseba--
Exec: And I want a trilogy! Now!
/Derek exits. Studio executive lights a cigar with a hundred dollar bill and imagines the billion dollar franchise now on his hands. 
I guess what we're saying is that thanks to Trevor Story starting his career on such a hot streak, we can look forward to this in 2022. (Though is this really any crazier than Story's MLB debut?) 

Of course, you could just watch the below GIF, which is a much more satisfying film. And it's shorter, too.