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Game 5 broadcaster Ron Darling was the losing pitcher the last time the Dodgers won the pennant

It's been 29 years since the Dodgers last won the pennant and went to the World Series. Beyond wearing blue and white, claiming Tommy Lasorda as the team's biggest supporter, and being known as the Dodgers, there's not a whole lot that's similar. Only three players in the Dodgers lineup were even alive the last time the boys in blue were in the World Series, and, even more shocking, Vin Scully doesn't even call their games anymore! 

There is, however, one broadcaster connection: Ron Darling. The former Mets pitcher and current SNY and TBS broadcaster was in Wrigley for the Dodgers' 11-1 victory over the Cubs in Game 5 of the National League Championship Series presented by Camping World. He was also the losing pitcher in Game 7 of the 1988 NLCS that last sent the Dodgers to the Fall Classic. 
No one thought the Series would get that far as the Mets had beaten the Dodgers in 10 of 11 games that regular season. And after David Cone's victory in Game 6 got the ball to Darling in Game 7, things looked good for New York. After all, in two regular-season starts against LA, Darling went 2-0 and allowed two runs in 17 2/3 IP.
After taking a no-decision after six innings of work in the Mets' Game 3 victory, things would get much worse for the right-hander. Darling lasted only one inning and gave up six runs (four earned) before being pulled. 

Unfortunately for the Dodgers, Darling won't be calling any of the World Series games as they'll be airing on FOX. Given this important connection, the team may want to create some kind of position on the team like Special Adviser, Good Luck Department -- though we guess Darling wouldn't be too interested in that.