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On a night Chris Sale threw his fastest pitch ever, Jose Rondon laid down a perfect bunt on a 97-mph offering

Chris Sale was straight-up nasty on Friday night in the Red Sox' 1-0 loss to the White Sox at Fenway Park. 
How nasty? Well, he threw his fastest pitch ever as a starter, clocked at 100.3 mph. It was intense:

As high-velocity as Sale's pitches may have been on the night, they didn't sway Chicago's José Rondón, who fearlessly turned around a 97-mph offering with a bunt attempt in the sixth inning, laying one down the thirde-base line that rolled ... and rolled ... and rolled until it could roll no longer:

Now that's a bunt. 
That's one way to reach base when the opposing pitcher is out there throwing supremely intimidating stuff!