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Rougned Odor left Dustin Pedroia swiping at air with an incredible swim slide

Remain calm. Do not adjust your screen. Sure, Rougned Odor seemed dead to rights while trying to steal second against the Red Sox on Saturday. But we promise that what you're about to see really did happen, and to the best of our knowledge did not involve any dark magic and/or rifts in the Matrix. He just managed to adjust his slide on the fly, get his left hand out of the way and balance on his side as he narrowly avoided Dustin Pedroia's tag. You know, like you do.

While that move would leave the average citizen with at least four strained muscles, Odor did it with the facial expression of a man making his morning coffee -- all while going 1-for-4 with two runs scored and a RBI in Texas' 10-3 win. He does tend to do this stuff a lot, after all.