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Salvador Perez and the Phanatic held a battle of epic water-bottle-and-glitter-bucket proportions

The Phillie Phanatic is a landmark of the game of baseball, doing all sorts of silly, zany things on the field. Just this season, he's beaten Jose Bautistain a fitness battle, arrested Jose Fernandezafter the Marlins' ace stole his keys, and brought a visiting team's broadcast crew some ice cream
Royals catcher Salvador Perez is also a treasure, whether bear-hugging umpires or making quick-reaction catches on foul ball ricochets look easy.
Sunday's matchup between the Royals and Phillies, therefore, facilitated some silly shenanigans at Citizens Bank Park, one that involved the two of them exchanging flexes:

And, later, Perez trying to douse the Phanatic with a water bottle and the Phanatic retaliating with a bucket of glitter:

Good thing for Salvy he was given the afternoon off, since that glitter bomb would have been a hassle to clean off his jersey in time for the game ...