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The Royals saw the White Sox triple play and raised them an inside-the-park homer

The triple play and the inside-the-park homer are two of the most spontaneous, exciting plays possible on a diamond. They're also two of the rarest: In 2015, there were 13 inside-the-parkers, and just four triple plays. Coming across either in the wild is like spotting a baseball unicorn -- a few seconds where convention melts away, and what's left is improvisational madness. Coming across them both in the same game? Preposterous.
... OR SO WE THOUGHT. For, on Thursday, the Royals and White Sox redefined probability itself and blew our collective mind. It started in the top of the fifth, with two Royals on base and Tony Cruz at the plate. Cruz hit a sinking liner to left that looked ticketed for an RBI single, until left fielder Jason Coats tracked it down and doubled off both baserunners:

As if that weren't enough, Drew Butera decided this game didn't have nearly enough shenanigans:

Setting the bar pretty high here, Spring Training. At this rate, all regular-season games will be required to include multiple grand slams, a balk and a walk-off squeeze play.