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Ryan Howard turned a dropped catch into an unassisted double play

Ryan Howard turned an unassisted double play during Sunday's Phillies-Astros Grapefruit League game. Now, there are two ways it could've gone down.
If you watch the clip above, it looks like Howard dropped Colby Rasmus' fourth-inning liner by accident, and then haphazardly turned it into an unassisted double play amid the chaos and confusion at first. And that may very well have been the case. 
Or, it could've all been part of his plan. After all, Howard's played almost 1,400 MLB games at first. He's fielded a lot of liners. He could've flubbed the catch on purpose, knowing he'd be able to nab Carlos Correa taking off for second. He could be a master of deception.

Either way, he ended the inning, so it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. But whichever you believe probably says a lot about you as a person, just saying: