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Good luck not smiling ear-to-ear at this photo of Salvador Perez and his infant son on the field

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The children of baseball players lead special lives -- after all, their fathers spend a significant amount of time at the ballpark, and many bring their kids into the experience as much as possible.

Getting your kid immersed in the game at a young age could go a long way toward helping structure their own love for the game, and it also makes for some pretty ridiculously adorable photos.

Witness Royals catcher Salvador Perez and his youngest son, who hasn't yet celebrated his first birthday. Perez brought him to Kauffman Stadium ahead of Wednesday's A's-Royals matchup. You probably already know that Salvy loves to smile and generally be a happy guy ... and the same can be said for young Johan Salvador Perez, too: 

Those two would light up any room.