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Salvador Perez's split-second swipe tag to nab Brandon Belt was aided by Belt's own foot

We've all seen those moments in which a runner finds an inventive way to avoid a tag. Maybe he makes a deceptive "swim move" to curl his body around the incoming fielder's glove, or maybe he just swipes away the glove
In Tuesday's Giants-Royals matchup at Kauffman Stadium (won by San Francisco, 2-1, in 11 innings), Brandon Belt found himself essentially doing the exact opposite: physically aiding Salvador Perez's efforts to tag him out at the plate.
Belt tried to score a two-out run in the top of the sixth inning on a grounder up the middle by Buster Posey that was bobbled slightly by Adalberto Mondesi in short center field. Mondesi fired toward home, and thanks to Perez's snow cone catch and a lightning-quick swipe tag -- not to mention Belt's sliding foot literally guiding the baseball back into Perez's outstretched glove -- it worked:

After the game, Royals starter Jason Hammel reflected on Perez's play when speaking to's Jeffrey Flanagan: 
"I don't know how Salvy hung on to that ball. Nine out of 10 times that ball gets kicked loose. Strong hands. Definitely the play of the game."
That's an unlikely confluence of events, no? And as a result, Mondesi gets an assist, Perez gets credit for a great tag and Belt gets ... well, he's the victim of circumstance (not to mention his enormous size-15 shoes, a crucial element in the success of Perez's tag).