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Eight times that Santa Claus was the Major Leagues' No. 1 fan

This is a busy time of year for Santa Claus, what with the toy-building and the elf-monitoring and the sleigh-driving. But have you ever wondered how he spends the rest of the year? He can't spend 364 days preparing for Christmas, after all, so what's St. Nick up to before December?

Lucky for you all, we've received some rare intel that answers this precious question once and for all: He's a baseball fan. Like, a really big one! Just look at all the ballparks he's visited in recent years.

Guaranteed Rate Field

Let's just say it's a good thing he doesn't have to pitch the presents down the chimney:


Comerica Park

Don't worry, he worked on his form.


Progressive Field

Sure, it was only September, but even Santa needs some practice runs:

Angel Stadium

"Never bunt, hit dingers."


Citi Field

When even Santa's on your side, what could go wrong?


AT&T Park

I guess reindeer can't swim -- is one of those kayaks named Rudolph?


Marlins Park

He looks good in teal.


Petco Park

Santa: Summer fashion edition!