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Kyle Schwarber and Anthony Rizzo both defeated dramatic infield shifts with perfectly-placed bunts

The infield shift can be a bit of a scourge for hitters, specifically those with statistical splits that encourage opposing teams to employ them in the first place. 
It's up to the hitters to get creative in order to vanquish these splits sometimes, and a pair of Cubs were up to the task in Monday night's 6-3 loss to Milwaukee at Wrigley Field. Kyle Schwarber stepped up against a dramatically shifted left side of the Brewers' infield and laid down an absolutely perfect bunt that hugged the line and just refused to let go (the first bunt hit of his career in the regular season). 
Really, you probably couldn't roll a baseball that precisely: 

Perhaps inspired by his teammate's precision, Anthony Rizzo came up four innings later and did the same -- to similar results:

Looking at those two bunts side-by-side presents a truly magnificent example of doing it right

What say you, #NeverBunt crowd?