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Scooter Gennett made history once again Monday night ... this time, for his pitching

Scooter Gennett made history on Monday night -- for the second time this season.

Before the Cubs defeated the Reds, 15-5, Gennett did have something cool he was known for. He was the first Reds player to ever hit four home runs in a game.  While his uniform and bat from the big night are hanging up in Cooperstown, he made history once again. This time, he spent some time on the mound.
The Cubs were up by 10 in the bottom of the eighth when we were treated with the second baseman's trip to the rubber … and it didn't quite go as planned.

Who are we to say anything? He still hit a home run in the eighth and this isn't what Gennett will be remembered for. Gennett finished his outing giving up two runs, a walk and a home run to Javier Baez.