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Sean Doolittle braved the rain by taking a ride in the Nationals new bullpen cart

Whether it's wearing shorts in the heat or bringing an umbrella for the rain, it's important to plan for the weather whenever you plan to go outside. It's important, that is, if you want to have an enjoyable experience.
The rain was back at Nationals Park Saturday after precipitation postponed Friday's game between the Cubs and the Nationals. So, when Sean Doolittle entered the second game of Saturday's doubleheader in the eighth inning, he became the first pitcher to take a ride in the Nationals' new bullpen cart ... and stayed out of the rain for just a little bit longer:

By the time his work in the eighth inning was done, the rain had picked up quite a bit. As Doolittle returned to the dugout, he decided to try a sample of the water:

He's not the first closer to take advantage of precipitation to achieve proper hydration. Earlier this season, Fernando Rodney used snow for the same end:

As Rodney and Doolittle show, the sky is just nature's water cooler. There's no reason to bother with the cups and the lines when all you have to do is look up and take a drink.