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See how players honored Jackie Robinson on the 70th anniversary of his first big league game

On the 70th anniversary of Jackie Robinson's Major League debut, the sport came together to honor the man who broke the color barrier and pushed baseball into the future. With every player wearing his iconic No. 42 on Saturday, many players voiced their support for the legend before taking the field. 

Some took photos of the uniforms they donned in his honor: 

Thank You Always Jackie #jackierobinsonday

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Many wore special cleats to remember the man with every step they took: 

That included Carlos Gomez: 


Dexter Fowler even wore a special Jackie Robinson T-shirt: 

And still more just wanted to pay homage to the man that opened the doors for thousands of people: 

With the Dodgers unveiling a Jackie Robinson statue, it made the day a little more special for those in Dodger blue: 

As long as baseball is played and the hope for equality for all people is an ideal to be strived for, Robinson's courage, grace and talent will be remembered. And that's why every fan, player and team says "Thank you, Jackie" on April 15.