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Shane 'The Flyin' Hawaiian' Victorino has been inducted into the Hawaii Sports Hall of Fame

March is known for a number of events -- March Madness, the Ides of March, Spring Training -- but most of all the announcement of the inductees into the Hawaii Sports Hall of Fame. In 2018, the Hawaii Sports Hall of Fame will induct the most prominent Hawaiian Major Leaguer of recent years: Shane Victorino.

Victorino has the most Major League plate appearances of any player born in Hawaii, but it isn't just longevity that he brings to the hall. He also has two World Series rings to his name, and he hit a grand slam on the way to each of them.
With the Phillies in 2008, he sent a breaking ball from CC Sabathia over the left-field wall in Game 2 of the NLDS:

Five years later, he took a pitch from Tigers reliever Jose Veras and hit it over the Green Monster to effectively send the Red Sox to the World Series:

In addition to his two World Series rings and postseason grand slams, Victorino also held the state record in the 100-meter for a number of years after running 10.8 seconds as a high school senior.
Thanks to his energetic style of play and postseason heroics, Victorino's spot in Hawaii's Hall of Fame is certainly well-deserved.