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Shaq stepped out of the DJ booth to join the Celebrity Softball Game ... and it was totally worth it

NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal showed up to the All-Star Legends and Celebrity Softball Game with a clear role: Provide a soundtrack for the event in a field-side booth under the moniker DJ Diesel. 
By the time the fourth inning rolled around, however, Shaq had already tired of that job and wanted in on the action. So, he took Jamie Foxx's spot in the lineup. When he stepped up to the plate, he immediately raised expectations by channeling Babe Ruth. Let's just say his at-bat concluded differently than Ruth's:

He was understandably frustrated by the outcome, but had the wherewithal to not attempt to snap a metal bat:

Shaq was better equipped in the field thanks to a glove upgrade that saw him trade his mitt for Teddy Roosevelt's giant mascot glove. In the context of Shaq's giant frame, the comically large glove looked ... not all that comically large:

While it's entirely possible that Shaq would have found more success had he remained in the DJ booth, he clearly wouldn't have entertained as much as he did on the field.