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A shark was spotted swimming in McCovey Cove, but it was not Jeff Samardzija

All kinds of activities take place in McCovey Cove just beyond the right-field wall at AT&T Park. Homers land in the water as Splash Hits (sending fans in hot pursuit), some fans peddle around wearing giant World Series trophy hats, and so on. Even Marty McFly and Doc Brown have made appearances in a DeLorean boat-car hybrid. 
But it's important to remember that the Cove is also part of a body of water, as in the ocean, as in there are real, live aquatic creatures in the area. One such creature, a small shark, was spotted doing its thing during the Royals' 8-1 win over the Giants on Tuesday night, and was caught on camera: 

Somewhere -- probably in the Giants' dugout -- Jeff Samardzija (otherwise known by his nickname, "Shark") no doubt approved of the visitor. However, the shark might be best suited moving along to a new locale, because ... well: