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Steven Matz and Sean Gilmartin went fishing ... and they caught two huge sharks

Imagine, if you will, a relaxing afternoon fishing. Maybe you're sitting on a boat, maybe you're standing in a river in your waders … either way, it's a pretty peaceful afternoon, right? Well, not for Mets Steven Matz and Sean Gilmartin, who appeared on the internet fishing show "BlacktipH" this week.
They just caught a couple of sharks, like you do:

Catching sharks, it turns out, is extremely strenuous. Matz had to wear a special harness just to reel his in. Check out the video below:

Memo to the rest of the Mets: Don't worry, you won't have to deal with two stuffed sharks in the clubhouse. After posing for the appropriately cool pictures, Matz and Gilmartin released their new aquatic friends.
Let's hear what Intentional Talk had to say about the pitchers' epic day: