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The Dodgers' Shawn Zarraga was all smiles when he entered an MLB dugout for the first time

Shawn Zarraga is a 27-year-old catcher with nine Minor League seasons under his belt. His career has spanned over 1,800 plate appearances with eight different cities for two different affiliates. On Thursday night, he arrived to Dodger Stadium in the bottom of the fourth inning of the Giants' 4-0 victory over the Dodgers as a Major League player for the very first time.
Rather than acting cool, calm and collected, as if wearing a Major League uniform and standing in a big league dugout was no big deal, the Aruba-born catcher reacted like any of us would have if faced with our baseball dreams coming true.

While there's no guarantee how long Zarraga will get to live his big league dreams - he was called up to give the Dodgers a backup catcher before Carlos Ruiz is able to make it to L.A. after being traded for A.J. Ellis. Either way, Thursday is surely a night he'll never forget. Even his trip to to the stadium was memorable. 
A private jet was sent to pick Zarraga up in Oklahoma City and fly him to Burbank, where he was then whisked to Dodger Stadium. As the newest big leaguer told's Ken Gurnick, "It was a 12-seater and it was just me and the pilot, but I got to sit next to him and that was cool."