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Seven questions we have after a shirtless Hanley Ramirez interrupted Jackie Bradley Jr's interview

Just two days after pulling off the exceedingly rare fake hidden ball trick, Hanley Ramirez was at it again. When Jackie Bradley Jr. appeared on MLB Network on Monday afternoon, Ramirez showed up on the rainy field to do some shirtless calisthenics. 


Which leads me to these very important questions:

1. Why?

2. Did he just do this on impulse, or had Hanley spent months preparing for just the right moment? 

3. Wow, when did Hanley get so jacked? 

4. Seriously, has he always been so jacked?

5. He's so jacked, why wasn't he cast as Khal Drago in Game of Thrones? 

6. It looks cold. Isn't he cold? 

7. Would he be interested in being the spokesperson for my new workout musical, "Jumpin' in the rain"?

Hopefully one day we'll have answers.