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Shohei Ohtani visited a hospital to lend his support to Shohei, a baby battling a heart defect

(David J. Phillip)

This weekend, Shohei Ohtani visited a hospital in Osaka Prefecture as a gesture of support to a 1-year-old baby boy named Shohei -- yes, his parents are big fans of the breakout Japanese star who now plays for the Angels. 
Young Shohei is battling an intractable heart defect, and his family and friends are garnering support in hopes of facilitating a transplant in the near future. When Ohtani heard about the child's story, he showed up at the hospital in a dark suit to show his support for the boy and his family:

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【御礼】 メジャーリーグ エンゼルスでご活躍中の大谷翔平選手より、応援メッセージを頂きました。 「1日でも早く渡航して手術を受け、早く元気になって帰ってこられたらなと思っています。 皆様の協力もあれば、その可能性も広がってくるのかなと思うので、少しでも早くその可能性があがってくれるといいなと、早く元気になってほしいなと思っております。」 大谷翔平様、ステキなメッセージを誠にありがとうございました。 ホームページより、ご覧いただけます。 🏡 #しょうへいくんを救う会 #翔平 #渡航移植 #拡張型心筋症 #街頭募金募金活動 #saveshohei #笑顔で翔けるその日まで #大谷翔平 #エンゼルス

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Via the Japan News:
Ohtani gently poked the baby's cheek several times and took the baby in his arms. "I always hope that you will keep fighting," Ohtani talked to the baby. Then the two-way star handed gifts to Taishi, 30, and his wife, Shizuha, 33, including an autographed ball that read, "To Shohei."
We're all rooting for you, young Shohei.