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Six reality TV shows MLB stars could totally win during the offseason

Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher Clayton Kershaw sits in the dugout before a baseball game against the Pittsburgh Pirates in Pittsburgh, Friday, June 24, 2016. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar) (Gene J. Puskar/AP)

Baseball loves "The Bachelor." (Well, at least the Twins and John Axford  love the "The Bachelor.") And it turns out that "The Bachelor" loves baseball, too. Here's former Bachelor Robert Graham (of "The Bachelorette", season 9), along with twins Emily and Haley Ferguson ("The Bachelor," season 20), expressing their appreciation for Clayton Kershaw:

Well, Chris, Kershaw is happily married and doesn't really need to be the next Bachelor, but we accept your endorsement in the spirit it was meant. And it got us thinking -- which reality TV shows could MLB players succeed on? 
Kyle Schwarber: "The Voice"
Most contestants on "The Voice" aren't professional singers. Many of them just play local gigs, or sing in community groups, maybe even high school show choir. Hey, that sounds like someone we know:

Yes, that young man on the right is Schwarber, and that's him with Purple Pizzazz, his high school's show choir. Sure, he may not have been the greatest asset to the group at first -- in 2011, he told Ohio's Journal News that he couldn't really sing -- but he clearly improved over time. And we're pretty sure if he teamed up with Gwen Stefani, he'd make it all the way to the top. 
Juan Uribe: "Dancing With the Stars"
Just watch.

Madison Bumgarner: "Survivor"
We can't talk about reality TV competition without mentioning the grandfather of all reality TV show competitions: "Survivor." It's come a long way since the days of Richard Hatch, and it's definitely more of a social game now than a "how many fish can you catch" contest, but we're still pretty sure Bumgarner would excel.
After all, how many contestants can say they once cut open a snake to save some baby rabbits it had swallowed? Even Vin Scully thinks Bumgarner understands the meaning of survival.

Steven Matz: "America's Got Talent"
Matz is an American, and he most certainly has talent. And we're not just talking about the stuff he shows off on the mound every five days. Just watch:

Just add a thrilling soundtrack and a flashy costume (maybe he could borrow Schwarber's suit?), and this is a million-dollar act for sure. 
Lucas Giolito: "Cupcake Wars"
Along with, you know, practicing baseball, MLB's No. 1 prospect spent his Mondays during Spring Training this year honing his baking skills with his housemates and sharing the results on his Instagram.
Honestly, they look quite delicious:

His cakes are definitely ready for any sort of cake-on-cake combat.

Andrew McCutchen: "Project Greenlight" 
HBO just announced that it will not renew "Project Greenlight," the behind-the-camera reality show about first-time film directors. But if any network is considering rebooting the series, it should definitely follow McCutchen as he directs his feature-length debut. After all, we've seen what the talented auteur can do with short films: