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A small earthquake struck during Reds-Giants, but only the cameras seemed to notice

The concept of an earthquake can vary depending on where you're located.
Those who have spent a lot of time in California (including the great Vin Scully) tend to build up a tolerance of earthquakes -- that is to say, a few seconds of the ground shifting and separating from itself can elicit little more than a mild annoyance and/or a spilled coffee.
Or, as was the case during the first inning of Monday night's Reds-Giants game at AT&T Park, it can cause the cameras perched high atop the stadium to sway a bit, as they did with Joey Votto in the box:

This only measured at 3.5 according to the USGS, and wasn't noticed by the Giants' broadcasting crew or, so we thought, Votto, who didn't even step out or anything ... but it still happened, and the visual was rather stark. 
After the game, Votto jokingly blamed it for the fact that he had to exit early due to back tightness:
"I was feeling pretty good and then that earthquake hit and all of a sudden everything got thrown off right around 7:18 p.m. in the middle of my first at-bat," Votto said. "Oh, I got taken out of the game because of it, are you kidding me? I'm a sensitive soul."