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SNL's Kenan Thompson revealed what David Ortiz will miss most about playing at Yankee Stadium

As David Ortiz finishes his final regular season, everyone has been doing their best to commemorate Big Papi's time as one of the iconic players of his generation. There were gifts. The fans at Yankee Stadium gave him -- gasp! -- a standing ovation. So, of course, Kenan Thompson revived his iguana-loving impression for Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update.
He, as Ortiz, revealed what Big Papi will miss most about playing at Yankee Stadium:
"You know, after all of these years, if I had to pick one thing, I'd probably say: Lunch."
"Big stadium got a big lunch."
Thompson/Ortiz also told Colin Jost how he'll be spending his retirement: Endorse mints.
"It's like brushing your teeth, but with sugar."

Apparently Iguananox is on hold for now. Watch below for what might -- but hopefully won't -- be Thompson's final Ortiz impression: