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Remember that crazy video of that baseball player running through a wall? His son just got drafted

Grant McCray, 18-year-old out of Lakewood Ranch high school in Florida, was drafted by the Giants in the MLB Draft on Tuesday. He's still young, but scouts have called him an "interesting young athlete with a ceiling." Most notably, though, this is his dad:

If you watched baseball or, honestly any TV, any time during the 1990s, you've probably seen that clip. It was on all the sports blooper reels ever made. It's on a forever loop in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. If you've never seen it, please click above to watch it now. You'll never see anything like it.

Rodney McCray ended up dropping that ball and only spent 67 games in the Major Leagues. His son Grant might eventually surpass him in big league experience, but will he ever crash through a wall to catch a ball? Probably not. Dad always wins.