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Sonny Gray can't wait to get to Cincinnati so he can get some more Skyline Chili

Each city is defined by its cuisine. Chicago has the deep dish pizza, New York has the bagel and Philadelphia has its cheesesteak. Professional athletes eat a lot of food, so having an affinity for his team's local culinary offerings can be the difference between years of satisfaction and years of frustration.
Fortunately for Sonny Gray, his new city of Cincinnati is known for a food he loves: chili. Growing up in Tennessee, Gray went to some Reds games with his dad, and his enduring memory of those trips to Great American Ball Park is the Skyline Chili he consumed there. "I remember there was some like, when I was little, there was some chili stuff," Gray told's Mark Sheldon on Tuesday. "I love chili. I'm a huge chili fan... It was some crazy some little chili concoction that was delicious."
Gray's far from the only Cincy resident to fall in love with Skyline Chili. Just last month, a Reds fan celebrated the team trading Homer Bailey to the Dodgers by downing three cans of the chili:

With Gray's arrival, perhaps this fan has another reason to partake in some celebratory cans of chili.