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Spencer Kieboom lost a tooth in the morning and then hit his first big league home run

With a name as melodious as Spencer Kieboom, you're expected to hit home runs. After all, it's practically a home run call on its own. Try it out: Kieboom. It's fun to say. 
On Tuesday, the Nationals' rookie catcher finally got to try it out as Kieboom hit his first home run in the first game of a doubleheader against the Phillies. Batting in the top of the fifth, Kieboom swung and blasted Nick Pivetta's offering into the right-field seats for his first big league home run. Kieboom, indeed. 

He did it with one fewer full tooth in his mouth, too. 

While at first, it seemed Kieboom had actually lost a tooth in the act of walking to the plate, that wasn't exactly what happened: 

So what exactly was going on? Kieboom explained the situation to's Jamal Collier:
"I actually lost it this morning. It wasn't like my real tooth. It was a temporary tooth. unfortunately for all the people who think it's my real tooth, it's not. I'm getting some new veneer put in, so I had a temporary tooth put on. I was eating some breakfast this morning and I bit into a baguette and it was gone. I just embraced it. It was halfway there and I just ripped it off."
Last year, Aaron Judge chipped a tooth while celebrating a teammate's home run, and it seems that will remain the most recent example of losing a tooth in the act of homering ... for now.