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Today's Reds-Indians game was briefly interrupted by an impromptu sprinkler show

Spring Training is a time to shake the rust off and get back in the swing of things after months away from the diamond. This is true for the players, yes, but also for everybody else -- like, say, grounds crews. 

Case in point: Saturday's Reds-Indians game, which was headed to the bottom of the eighth inning when, well ...


Maybe it was a timing issue. Maybe the sprinklers were activated by the sheer collective joy of Bradley Zimmer and his grandmother. Whatever the case, Reds manager Bryan Price understands that it's all part of the spring:

"I don't believe that's the first time the early sprinkler has had its debut," Price told's Mark Sheldon. "It's at least the second or third time since I've been coming out here where it's popped off in the middle of the ballgame."

His counterpart, Terry Francona, was simply grateful: "It felt good," he told's Jordan Bastian. "It woke me up."