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A Detroit squirrel celebrated the return of baseball with a midgame jog in center field

Although the All-Star break was fun, it had been over a week without baseball in Detroit entering Friday night. The Tigers and Blue Jays put an end to that, and Comerica Park fans welcomed the game back.
It was a fanbase that also included Detroit wildlife, as evidenced by the appearance of a squirrel in the top of the third inning.

Look at that jumping form! He'd be a tremendous hurdler.
The little guy darted all around the warning track behind center fielder Alex Presley, perhaps in search of a better view, though he never seemed to find one. It's been a big year for the AL Central and squirrels, as the Indians have seen not one, but two run onto the field in 2017.
So, it was only fair that one should grace Comerica Park with its presence, stirring memories of the Detroit squirrel in 2015 that simply wanted to play games with then-Royals outfielder Ben Zobrist:

Maybe they're cousins.