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The Rally Squirrel returned to Cleveland and the fans couldn't stop cheering

Every good character deserves a sequel. And, just like Freddy, Jason or Michael Myers, the Cleveland Rally Squirrel has surprised everyone with its return. 
After he escaped capture following his first appearance, running into the stands, most thought he would never be seen again. They thought wrong. 

As the Indians squared off with the Royals on Friday night, the squirrel emerged to hang around in right field and delay the game momentarily in the sixth inning. Knowing that the fans were cheering for his antics, the squirrel even raced toward the stands, letting everyone think he would leave before coming back for his encore. 
At this point, the rally squirrel may just be the most popular person -- or animal -- in the greater Cleveland area. 

Unfortunately for the Indians, the rally squirrel would prove no comfort on this night as the team lost to the Royals, 6-4. But, like all good series, we assume there will be a return to complete the trilogy.