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Squirrels simply can't get enough of the Twins

Squirrels are nothing new to the baseball diamond. One might have even changed the course of the 2011 postseason. But I've never seen squirrels take to a team quite like the Twins.

On Monday night at Target Field, a daring squirrel sent the Twins' dugout into a tizzy during a run for glory in the first inning. Based on their reactions, they did not seem to like it or welcome its company!

Well, that's too bad because during the fifth inning on Tuesday, the squirrel (or one of its friends) made its grand return ...

... and charged straight for Twins outfielder Max Kepler's legs:

That's a perfect nutmeg. It figures that a squirrel would go for that.

You'd think that squirrels would be more interested in the Mets' Jeff McNeil since that's his nickname, but no. They just love the Twins. Can't get enough of them.

The squirrel might have its eyes on the rest of the AL Central, though. After nutmegging Kepler, it charged straight for the White Sox dugout.

The Royals, Indians and Tigers should be put on notice. The squirrels are coming for you, especially if you have any road trips to Minnesota on the horizon. Or pine cones.