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Starling Marte threw his own (Han) solo Star Wars Day with a Princess Leia-themed towel hat

"Star Wars" is an intergalactic phenomenon, and has been for decades. The renewed interest in the franchise thanks in large part to J.J. Abrams' "The Force Awakens" has left the iconic sci-fi universe as relevant as ever. 
Considering how much "Star Wars" is a force (sorry not sorry) in popular culture today, it's no wonder how ubiquitous it is on the baseball diamond these days.
Theme nights and Chewbacca workout videos are everywhere and, as Starling Marte showed during the first of two Saturday games between the Pirates and Reds at Great American Ball Park, so are towels being turned into Princess Leia costumes complete with rather impressive buns: 

In the clip atop this post, note Jung Ho Kang's interpreter HK Kim initially affixing the towel creation to Marte's head, a tidbit pointed out by's Adam Berry. That's teamwork!
Considering Minor League teams' penchant for theme nights, may we now suggest an entire Leia-themed outfit for an upcoming promotional night? Maybe with the iconic buns? After all, a Class A club did just pay homage to Han Solo's carbonite experience with a chilling jersey tribute earlier this year.
This is one of the better tributes we've seen to Princess Leia since Blink-182 dedicated an entire song to her in the late '90s...