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Stephen Piscotty hit a serendipitous foul ball directly to a young fan wearing his jersey

In general, MLB players probably don't hit balls foul on purpose. Fouls are mishits, misfits, balls that take accidental detours coming off the bat. In the simplest of terms, fair balls are good, foul balls are bad. But sometimes, it's the opposite. Sometimes, foul balls can be exactly right.

Because Stephen Piscotty didn't just hit this foul ball directly to a Cardinals fan on Tuesday night. He hit this foul ball to a Stephen Piscotty fan. 

And let's not overlook the fan's heads-up play to reel it in. That itself was impressive enough to make this a worthwhile foul ball.
So, Piscotty may not have done it on purpose, but if you're going to swing for strike two, you might as well make a kid's day while you do it.
Alas, the rest of his swings weren't so splendid, as he ended up 0-for-4 at the plate and the Cardinals lost to the Astros, 5-2