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Stephen Strasburg was pitching so well, he didn't realize the inning was already over

After the Nationals topped the Mets, 7-4, on Tuesday night, Stephen Strasburg improved to 8-0 with 86 strikeouts in 67 2/3 innings this season. He's hit double-digit strikeouts in five of his starts in 2016 so far, including Tuesday night, in which he recorded 11 in 6 2/3 innings of work. It's as if each start is now just a race to see how fast he can hit 10 K's. 

Which explains why, after setting Neil Walker down swinging to end the fourth inning and notching his eighth strikeout of the game, Strasburg didn't quite realize it was time to leave the mound.

Look, if you were setting down batters in a blaze of swings and misses like Strasburg, you'd probably forget the number of outs, too. You'd just stand there on the mound waiting for the catcher to throw the ball back so you could get back to your business of demoralizing batters. 
That's just Strasburg's 2016 so far: He's striking batters out faster than even he realizes.