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The Stetson Hatters made two unbelievable, all-out catches in their game against Oklahoma State

Collegiate baseball players are well aware of the importance and gravity of the College World Series -- and with the annual competition coming up in a few short weeks, the Stetson Hatters look ready.
That's a conclusion you can draw after bearing witness to the defensive displays by two players in the team's game with Oklahoma State on Saturday night.
First, third baseman Jonathan Meola (son of former U.S. national soccer goalie Tony Meola) did a solidMatt Chapman impression with an all-out tumbling catch by the opposing dugout, toppling over the railing and holding on to the ball: 

Shout-out to Stetson catcher Austin Hale for saving Meola as he fell over the railing. No doubt motivated by Meola's stirring defense, Hale busted out a play of his own on a popup behind the plate:

Stetson baseball?
More like Stellar baseball, if you ask us.