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Steve Pearce went all out for a foul ball and ended up flipping into the Astros' dugout

In the postseason, every out is crucial -- especially when you have a lead against an offense like the Astros late in the game. Each out brings you significantly closer to winning the game. 
With a 7-5 lead in the seventh inning of ALCS Game 4, Red Sox first baseman Steve Pearce recognized the importance of getting outs wherever his team could get them. So, when Josh Reddick fouled a ball toward the Astros' dugout, he went all out to get the out. Even though he didn't catch it, it's the effort that counts:

Perhaps best of all was the Astros dugout's immediate mobilization to help their opponent back on the field:

Pearce's flip into the dugout is even more impressive in still form. From the field:

From the side:

And, most importantly, from the fan perspective in the stands:

Pearce may not have come away with the out, but it's effort like that that everyone wants to see with the game on the line.