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Steven Souza's catch was so good John Philip Sousa should write a march about it

Right around 8 p.m. ET on Wednesday night at the Congressional Cemetery in Washington, D.C., John Philip Sousa stirred in his grave. Dead for 84 years, he was pulled back to life by a sudden realization: He has one more march to compose.

A march to accompany this:


That's Rays outfielder Steven Souza Jr. leaping through the air to catch Chris Davis' fly ball -- a hit that looked all but assured to net extra bases. Covering 88 feet and sprinting nearly 20 mph, it was the kind of catch that can raise the dead. It certainly brought Matt Moore to life:


And, presumably, John Philip Sousa. Because he didn't return as a zombie the last time Souza made a catch like this -- no, this is not Souza's first time -- and there's no way he can stay dead again. 


Souza demands Sousa. But for now, we can just watch Souza's catch over and over again while listening to this: