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Steven Souza Jr. roamed the Chase Field concourse in his full D-backs uniform, surprising some fans

In the final hour or so before the start of a baseball game, the stadium concourse can be a busy place. Thousands of people convening in the same general area, trying to get to their seats, find the right thing to eat, visit the team store ... everybody's moving, and the scene can resemble a bustling subway station with all the hurrying around. 
There was a surprise in the Chase Field concourse for some D-backs fans walking around on Saturday night, before Arizona lost to the Mets, 5-1 -- in the form of Steven Souza Jr.. Currently on the disabled list, Souza opted to spend some of his free time just wandering the halls like a regular fan. 
Only he was dressed in his full D-backs uniform, high-fiving Arizona fans and giving Mets fans some good-natured boos as they walked past him. It was quite a scene: 

That's definitely not something you see every day at the ballpark, is it?