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Three street artists paid homage to the Dodgers with a dazzling mural

As far as public tributes go, you can't get much more noticeable than a mural.
Three street artists -- Guy Ellis, Mike Duncan and Josh Geislet -- had been hard at work on a mural depicting two of the Dodgers' key stars, Clayton Kershaw and Adrian Gonzalez. As seen in the clip atop this post, Duncan estimated it took them between 18-20 hours to complete, and the end result is rather dazzling visually:

If you notice, the "LA" in the font is made up of player names, which is a nice touch. And, as Duncan also points out in the clip, this is an official, team-and-MLB-sponsored production to ramp up more excitement for the Dodgers, who hold a 2-1 NLCS lead over the Cubs after Tuesday's 6-0 victory.